AboPrint FX

AboFlame HSP is a temperature stable nitrogen phosphor based flame-retardant product.

The product is free from halogen based components and is non-toxic. A special application of AboFlame HSP is the contribution to the production of digital printable textiles, for example in combination with AboPrint FX. AboFlame HSP can be used to obtain an Ökotex 100 certification. In addition it is a clear solution in water and the product can be further diluted with water in any ranch. It is suitable for synthetic as well as natural fabrics and non wovens, such as polyester or cotton. AboFlame HSP will not give wash resistant results.

  • Very good flame retardant effects on polyester as well as cotton
  • Very suitable for digital printable textiles
  • No or only modest influence on colors
  • Low volatility
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-corrosive