Digital Printing

 The world of digital printing has become very strong in the last decade. This is not a surprise given the almost infinite possibilities of the digital print method. The design of the picture is nowadays almost only depending on the fantasy of the human mind. Also high quality pictures are available in small size production runs.

To obtain this goal of high quality pictures the customer should be assured of high quality printing media. At this point BMS has his important contribution. The products of BMS are used to turn normal synthetic and natural fabrics into printing media with an outstanding quality.

Our most popular products are: 
  • AboPrint FX is a special fixation agent which fixates inks on water base directly after printing. Also it supports a maximal printing quality.
  • AboFlame HSP is a special flame retardant for synthetics as well as cotton and which is very printable. This product is recommended when media should be both printable and flame retardant.