Bodewes Material Solutions

Water-based chemicals save the environment

Bodewes Material Solutions ( BMS ), founded in 2004, is a chemical company specialized in creating solutions for the manufacturing industry, with a strong focus on the textile-, nonwoven- and paper industry. The textile- and nonwoven industry in particular have a growing demand for innovative suppliers, who can create innovative solutions for their products and production processes.

BMS wants to be a dedicated partner to its customers, establishing long-term business relationships. As a result of the last years BMS produces currently an unique series of high quality and special products. These products are included into the formulations of the customers and contribute to outstanding process and quality aspects. The chemicals are very friendly to the environment and human. Also the products are very suitable for Ökotex 100 certified applications, which also supports their friendly character.

BMS is active in three main markets: 
  • Dispersing agents for the interlining industry
  • Human and environmentally friendly flame retardants
  • Chemicals to make fabrics suitable for digital printing
The products for these markets are produced in the factory in Losser, the Netherlands, and which are supplied worldwide.
Technical support
In many cases BMS supports their customers by optimizing their production processes and to reach the quality involved. For this goal BMS has a laboratory available. Using the fabric of the customer, samples are made for the desired product and process. In the case of success, working concepts are proposed to the customer.