Oslo CS-E  
    This is our standard high-solid paste dispersing system for dispersing hot melt powder particles accurately and efficiently into a homogeneously paste formulation. In normal formulations only 1.6% of the product is needed to disperse the hot melt powders.

Oslo CS-E has quick dispersing features, without forming clumps, which can block the holes of the rotary screens. Oslo CS-E is suitable for Co-Polyester and Co-Polyamide hot melt powders with a particle size of 0-80 Ám.

Oslo CS-E is an environmentally friendly paste system without creating emission and waste water issues!!! Also, the product is very suitable for Íkotex 100 applications.

The Oslo CS-E shows ultimate performance in respect of bonding properties and wash resistance. This paste system can is suitable for both paste dot coating and double dot coating.
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