Flame Retardants  
    Flame retardant textiles become more and more important. BMS has very modern flame retardant products in her program to fulfil this demand.

The flame retardant product of BMS contribute to high flame retardant standards, such as the DIN 4102/B1. Although the outstanding quality, the products are composed of human and environment friendly components. As a result the Íkotex 100 label can often be reached.

Our most popular products are:

AboFlame TNW is a water based product based on phosphates and nitrogen, which can be used to reach high flame retardant levels, not only on cotton but also on synthetic materials.

AboFlame WRP gives durable flame retardant effects on synthetic materials such as polyester.

AboWet NCT is a special wetting agent to be used on natural cotton, mostly in combination with AboFlame TNW.
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